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Judith DeLozier

  • International trainer, co-developer, and designer of training programs in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming since 1975

  • Member of Grinder and Bandler’s original group, making fundamental contributions to the development of numerous NLP models and processes.

  • Co-authored The Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP New Coding with  Robert Dilts 

  • Co-developer of a number of projects applying Systemic NLP, ranging from modeling leadership to health care and cross-cultural competence.

  • Received NLP Award for Lifetime Contribution 2019

  • Loves animals, especially her dog

  • Judith works with many NLP trainers around the world to create and inspire awakenings. For more please go to the Associates or Upcoming Projects section of this site.


Upcoming Projects

  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification
    Fri, Aug 06
    Online Training with Self Study
    Aug 06, 11:00 AM PDT – Aug 19, 2:00 PM PDT
    Online Training with Self Study
    With Roberts Dilts and the NLPU Training team incl. Judy. 30+ Master Class Videos with live Zoom Demo, Q&A and Supervisions.
  •  When NLP meets Shamanism - Model the experience
    Sep 22, 6:00 PM GMT+2 – Sep 30, 8:30 PM GMT+2
    This interactive online workshop is designed to explore the world of shamanism through the filters of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It follows the principles of oral teachings as well as your own direct revelation. No prerequisites in either NLP or shamanism needed!
  • Advanced Somatic Coaching
    When ever you are ready
    When ever you are ready
    This E-Learning programme adds to our Somatic Coaching programme with three powerful advanced processes using the Somatic Principles: a) Tracking Transitions, b) The Hero’s Journey, c) The Identity Matrix was created by Robert Dilts; Judy has added Somatic Syntax to further enhance the process.
  • Somatic Coaching
    When ever you are ready
    E- Learning
    When ever you are ready
    E- Learning
    This course provides a comprehensive and professional way to access somatic coaching which will boost your coaching ability and positively impact your clients. Somatic Coaching is a way of utilising both the movements and words of a client within a coaching session.
  • Principles of Wisdom - Masterclass with Judith DeLozier
    90 min end of Sept
    A lecture followed by a live Q&A with participants


Chile – Jessica Riberi    

En el año 2002  tuvimos el honor de contar con la presencia de Judy en el Instituto Gestor y desde entonces, ella ha sido una mentora en nuestro compromiso de promover el bienestar y un estilo de vida creativo en las personas. Junto a Jessica, iniciaron una línea de integración de PNL y campos arquetípicos familiares el año 2011, que se cristaliza hoy en el diplomado de Coaching de Vida PNL Jessica es autora de varios libros en el área, psicoterapeuta y formadora en desarrollo humano


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