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planned for 2022


we wait for an in-person option

When NLP meets Shamanism - Model the experience

This interactive workshop is designed to explore the world of shamanism through the filters of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It follows the principles of oral teachings as well as your own direct revelation. No prerequisites in either NLP or shamanism needed!

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 When NLP meets Shamanism - Model the experience
 When NLP meets Shamanism - Model the experience

Time & Location

planned for 2022

we wait for an in-person option


About the Event

In a world of increasing complexity and accelerated change, we need to call upon tour ability to stay grounded as well as agile. How? By increasing our connectedness,  boosting our resilience and strengthen our inner calmness

In our time together we are using on one hand modeling to share descriptions of the different layers of NLP and in the Shamanic cosmology, and on the other hand practices and rituals to dive in and experience the connection. The live sessions follow the tradition of oral teachings and are interactive as we build on contributions from participants to foster an organic learning. By  exploring the different descriptions of our cosmology,  we can on a logical level share experiences that point a finger in the direction of differences in perception, awareness, energy and our understanding of life, yet everyone experiences it differently.

We share an introduction to the theme and the following time is filled with reflections, guided group practices, exercises and exchange of experiences. You will have a handout to reflect the teachings, some homework assignments for our own direct revelation as well as access to a private Facebook group for an enriched exchange.

Our guiding questions will be how we can utilize principles, rituals and the beliefs from many shamanic cultures in order to support us to release, recollect, expand, focus, center and ultimately how to be connected to what is.

This includes an introduction into shamanic soul journey by Kathrin who  will guide you into the practice of shamanic soul  journeying to meeting your spiritual allies such as power animal or teachers. 

No prerequisites in either NLP or shamanism needed!


Shamanism is a practice that incorporates knowledge, skills and attitudes in a holistic and integrative way from various elements such as religion, healing, magic and mysticism, while highlighting physical and spiritual life. The shaman navigates between different states of consciousness and accesses various realities to bring healing, power and information. The shaman communicates with the elements of nature, spirits, ancestors, ascended masters and many other entities that have no physical body on this earth. He is "the one who sees with from the heart "so that everyone can be ALL he can BE

Your facilitators 


Judith DeLozier studied comparative religion and was a member of Grinder and Bandler’s original group of students. She works since 1975 as an international  trainer, co-developer, and designer of training programs in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has made fundamental contributions to the development of numerous NLP models and processes applying Systemic NLP, ranging from modeling leadership to health care and cross-cultural competence. She partnered in 1992 with the NLP University in Santa Cruz CA and helped to shape the current NLPU curriculum. She is widely published and co-authored with Robert Dilts The Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP New Coding. In 2019 her contribution was rewarded by the NLP Award for Lifetime Contribution.


Kathrin, born in Switzerland, works internationally as Shamanic practitioner, Executive Coach and Change Agent. She is also a Fellow Teacher in NLP since 2008 and a Leadership Trainer. She began her professional career as pharmacist and spent more than a decade in the Healthcare industry and the Swiss government. Following a life transition in 2004, she remembered her connection with the invisible world and the ancestors and dedicates since then her life to train in NLP, shamanism, holistic therapies and the study of Zen meditation. In 2017, she published the book 'Dare to Trust - Spirits @ Work' in which she recounts her spiritual awakening path and messages she received from her guides and spirits. And in 2019 she graduated for from the three year program of advanced initiations in shamanism and shamanic healing by the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. 


Please know that we honor the fact that we all live in different socioeconomical situation. If you feel the calling to participate now but the charges are simply not feasible for you, please contact Kathrin at and we find a solution that honors all parties involved.  


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